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Social Security Process

Due to COVID-19 the social security process has temporarily changed. 

  1. Validate/Activate your SEVIS upon the first day of your VISA. 

  2. Download and print your I-94 by visiting clicking here

    1. We suggest waiting 3 days

  3. Print your Social Security Sponsorship Letter

  4. Print and complete your Social Security Application by visiting here. Check with your employer and see if they have a pre-filled out copy. ​

  5. Once you have been in the USA for 14 days call your nearest social security office at 866-851-5275. 

  6. They will ask you why you are in need of social security card - be sure to let them know it is for employment purposes. 

  7. The Social Security office with ask you to submit your documents (they will let you know how) along with a valid phone number. IF you do not have a phone number then ask your employer which number you can use. Such as the number for Human Resources. 

  8. After the Social Security office reviews your documents they will ask your employer a series of questions.

  9. They will then call you - the exchange visitor (J1) another set of questions. 

  10. Finally, they will schedule you with an in person office interview.  

  11. Check with your employer as they will be assisting you with this process. 

The whole process can take 3 - 4 weeks so be sure to call and start the application process as soon as you have been in the USA for 14 days. 

Make sure to bring with you the following:

Social Security Application



Original DS2019 form

Social Security Sponsorship Letter

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